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Step by step to the perfect Case Study Video

Case Study videos are a highly effective marketing tool. What is the main reason for this? Trust!

Remember: people buy from people.

Through video testimonials, your existing customers tell your potential consumers why they should choose you.

Video case studies can automatically add an element of trust and authenticity.

Are they different, then, from a normal text review?

Yes, they are! You can showcase the clients’ emotions, like happiness or excitement, over the solution and results you’ve given them.


How can I make a good case study?

A good case study tells exactly that: the story of your consumer from their point of view.

They showcase how your business has helped to solve their problems in a visually engaging way.

A study found that 83% of people say they trust recommendations from people they know above any type of advertising.


What’s more. People are more likely to take a certain action if they see others have also taken that action.

This is known as social proof, and its effects are enhanced with visual reinforcement.

Video makes all these elements way more captivating than just text.

We LOVE being visually and emotionally hooked. Add sound, and you’ve got yourself a killer piece of content to enhance your marketing efforts.

On top of that, add a face to the story and it will immediately become more real and trustworthy.

60% of site visitors will watch video if it’s available before reading any text. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still engage with the other 40%.

You can always complete your case studies with some more information in a text format. That way, you are able to offer content suitable for everyone.

Have a look at how we do it.  


What does this all mean?

Well, this means that video case studies will convert better than any other type of content.

Studies have shown that video content on landing pages can increase conversion by 80%.

If you’ve only used text case studies in your marketing efforts, it’s time to expand your marketing horizons.


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Creating a case study. Our process.

Now you know all the benefits of case study videos, it’s time to know how they are done!

What are the elements needed for a video case study?

  1. Happy clients
  2. Footage of the product or service that you are promoting
  3. A written script of the video

Once we have this, we can create the objectives we would like to get your client to discuss and arrange any filming needed.

As a professional video production company, we find points 2 & 3 quite straightforward

However, getting your client on camera can sometimes have its challenges. For a lot of people, being in front of the lenses can be quite daunting.

That’s why you need the professionals. Rest assured that we are skilled in putting clients at ease during the filming process.


This is how we do it:

The client is only on screen for a short time

It’s important that they know they won’t be on screen ALL the time.

Actually, the amount of time that they will be on display is relatively low, as B-roll will be added in the editing phase.

This will take a bit of pressure off and results in the client being less self-conscious.


They don’t actually have to come to the studio

A lot of your customers may really struggle in front of a camera. Others just simply don’t have the time.

Some of them might be too far away to come to the studio.

Don’t worry. There’s always a solution.

We can film the interview remotely, from a webcam or a phone.

This won’t only allow the client to be in an environment where they feel more comfortable, but it will also help minimise the time it takes away from their busy timetable.


They just have to answer the questions, the rest is on us!

It’s our job to make our clients look and sound good.

We know how to do perform our magic, so the interview sounds professional and concise.

We put together the best parts of the interview with some relevant footage, motion graphics and music, to create a visually engaging, highly attractive piece of content.


It’s just a conversation

To ensure the interview comes across as genuine and relaxed, we structure it more like a Q&A session.

By doing that, we can achieve more natural, honest answers.

Ideally, their answers should explain how you’ve helped them solve their problems and achieve the results they were looking for.

People are not as interested in the process or specifications but the benefits of working with you.


The editing process is highly important

When we have everything captured, we will then edit the video together, by choosing the best parts, removing the mistakes and adding other visual elements such as kinetic typography and b-roll footage.

We then share it with our clients for review, so we can make any changes you may want.

It’s also a good idea to inform the client that they will get to see the video before it’s published to make sure they’re happy with it.

Hopefully, this has given you an overview of how we create video case studies for our clients.


Have a look at some of the videos we’ve created:


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