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The Importance Of Social Media



When social media was first introduced to the internet it was seen as a novelty, today however, the importance is no longer debated. Businesses are now realising how important social media marketing is and now know that it has to be a part of their marketing and PR mix.


Sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Vine and more make it simple to stay connected in people’s lives. It is now easy to catch up with friends just by reading their statuses or viewing the pictures and videos they post. Social media sites have not only changed the way a person interacts with another, but also developed the way businesses communicate with other businesses and existing and potential clients. Not only is it a great tool for businesses to communicate with, social media can also help anyone trying to develop their professional network or look for a job.


Keeping your profiles active and up to date can generate many perks, here’s just some of the benefits to social media marketing and why it is important for your business.



Brand Awareness

Social media offers your business a great way of being seen, with 1.79 active social media users worldwide, your existing customers can keep up to date with your company news and you can also attract potential customers. Social media is a perfect way to catch the attention of your target audience and with the range of different social media sites, there’s guaranteed to be one to suit you and your audience.


Better Rankings

With the merge of social media and search, social signals can help to improve your rankings. The more social signals you receive e.g. shares on Facebook or mentions on Twitter is a great way to create and maintain a strong profile. This would then be hugely beneficial to improving your SEO and increasing your sites visibility.


More Traffic

If your content is new, exciting and kept up to date, people will remember your brand and you will be the ‘go to’ for existing and future customers. Social media is also a great way of increasing exposure to your target audience. Whether they’re scrolling through their Twitter feed or Facebook News Feed, your audience will see your status updates or recent pictures and, even though it may have been a 2 second view, they’ll still be able to see your company and ensure they aren’t forgetting about you. All of this extra traffic will have a positive impact for drawing attention to your website.


Increase in Conversions

With an increase of traffic to your website, your conversion rates are likely to increase. Being able to use social media accounts to promote exclusive offers and discounts is also useful for bringing more traffic to your website. By advertising your special offers and pairing it with a call to action, you’re able to increase your conversion rates. This needs to be done tactfully though, it is vital your audience don’t feel like they’re being sold to.


Ultimately, people hate to be sold to and people don’t buy from companies, they buy from people, friends and recommendations. Social media can put an information and personal face on an otherwise impersonal company and help to boost traffic to your business.


This is the true value of social media for businesses, giving you’re a more personal face, social media is quickly adapting and delivering new ways of interacting on a more casual level.

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