Trust - Case Study | FORTAYmedia

“Seeing what FORTAYmedia had produced was a joy”

Paul Wake, Creator

Paul Wake came to FORTAYmedia to bring his quiz show idea, “TRUST”, to life. With no video or media knowledge, Paul contacted us to see if we could create a video styled as a quiz show to use when pitching his idea to potential co-developers.

“I felt comfortable and at home straight away.”

As a game that depends on how well you know your teammates, and whether you chose to help each other win or not, Paul needed a physical space big enough to fit six contestants, podiums and a host. Our purpose-built infinity green screen studio close to Sheffield city centre was the perfect place. Our video production team worked closely with Paul to create the exact vision he wanted, filming and editing in our in-house studio.

We worked to fit around Paul’s budget, creating a video that looked professional, whilst also helping him with other aspects of his video production. We sourced a host for Paul’s quiz, helping him find his way in the industry through selecting the right person who would fit TRUST’S vision and help sell the style and form of Paul’s idea.

Our video production team then went on to edit the video, creating a virtual quiz studio that replicated what the show might look like in a television studio, giving it a professional feel. Paul has gone on to use the video we created to find a home for his quiz, using his purpose-made video to pitch his ideas to co-developers.

“Seeing what FORTAYmedia had produced was a joy”

Paul Wake