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Video Production and Marketing Trends for 2018

The evolution of video remains key for shifting and shaping the world of marketing.
This coming year will see videos captivating an audience like never before, from live streaming to storytelling, marketers are becoming more interactive with their video content.

The way we, as viewers, consume content is set to be more interactive and emotive throughout the next year.

Live Streaming
With Facebook introducing fresher ways for businesses to live stream throughout 2017, live streaming should be at the forefront of every marketing strategy.

Facebook Live is 100% for every marketer. Businesses have already begun to utilise the tool, however, in the new year, we will see marketers create new ways to encourage interaction during live streaming. Having viewers use Facebook reactions, creates a more spontaneous and authentic feel for viewers.

Marketers may not utilize the Facebook tool at all, with Amazon leading by example and turning to live streaming gaming platform Twitch and its top influencers to promote season 2 of The Grand Tour.

“Play alongside some of Twitch’s biggest personalities and duke it out with cars and explosives in a global interactive live event on Twitch’

Live Streaming isn’t just for B2C businesses. We’ve worked with many B2B clients to live-stream large business events, as well as business seminars where audiences still had a chance to interact with speakers, without having to be at the event in person.

Longer Videos and Storytelling
Videos can never be too long, just too boring.

In our information-hungry world, storytelling is becoming a powerful marketing tool. The Christmas adverts we’re currently seeing are a prime example. Weaving stories into your video and marketing efforts spark viewers emotions and holds their attention, increasing your businesses brand identity.

Storytelling videos aren’t just reserved for the Christmas period, take a look at the video we produced for John Wilson blades.

Viewers aren’t just craving fictional storytelling, with social media platforms favouring video, expect to see outlets reporting news and repurposing blog content in video form. In a world where audiences want to retain information easier and quicker, we’re expecting to see longer videos and storytelling continue to grow.

Quality not Quantity
With video becoming a more competitive tool for marketers, the quality of your video will need to be priority. With newsfeeds flooding with videos, it’s the ones with higher production value that are seeing higher engagement and driving better results.
If you’re going to invest in video marketing in 2018, you’re going to need to do it well.
Marketing trends, no matter the industry, show a higher rate of success and stand the test of time, when the content that’s shared has quality.

Content, at the moment, focuses on the concept that the more content you produce the higher the chance of engagement, however spending more time on quality content makes your audience feel like it is tailored towards them, and therefore making a greater connection.

360 Video
360° video and virtual reality are recreating how people perceive a scene.

360° videos have been catching on in 2017, and will likely be full-blown in 2018. Allowing the viewer to control their perspective while watching the content, like a first-person perspective video game. However, you don’t need to invest in a headset to create 360 content, as videos are easily played on smartphones and frequently used for advertising. Helping to integrate video, mobile and social media.

360 video will also help the surge in shoppable video content. Brands are already testing shoppable content by allowing users to ‘swipe-to-buy’ after viewing Instastories or a SnapChat story. Helping brands to dramatically increase conversion by directing viewers to the exact page. More and more companies will turn to video content to help bridge the gap between social media scrolling and interaction.

By 2019, video will represent over 80% of all internet traffic, this next year will pivotal for brands to stay relevant in a digitally lead market.

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