Producing everything from fast moving commercials to Blue Chip corporate videos.

A video helps to showcase your business in a unique and exciting way. It also helps customers to remember who you are and therefore stand out from the crowd. At Fortay Media, we’re all about unique projects. We work with businesses to create a video that sets you apart from the competition. Whether you already have an initial idea or are looking to see what our creative team has to offer, we’ve got the perfect video for you.

Getting to know your business is important for us. Sitting down and talking about the outcome you wish to create from a video is important so we create the right video for you. After getting to know your business, the unique selling point of the video and your target audience, we then work with you to either adapt your own idea or create our own for you to choose. Our experience in writing both storylines and scripts, means we can create the perfect dialogue for your video. Just tell us any specifics and we’ll get to work. When creating your perfect video, you won’t have to create any of the content or scripts, we’ll do all of the work for you. Getting to know your business means we can create dialogue that perfectly narrates your company’s aims.

A video only has 10 seconds to capture and intrigue its viewer.

Our aim is to focus on your business, and sell you in a way that sets you apart from the competition, however, we also focus on your audience. Once the pre-production process is complete, we move on to filming. Whether we’re filming in your place of business, in an outside location or in our in-house, purpose-built studio, your input is important to us. Having you there on the day of filming, whether you’re in front of the camera or behind the scenes, is important for ensuring you’re happy throughout the whole process. Let us worry about the technical side of the process, all you have to concentrate on is the story line, we do the rest of the work.

The possibilities are endless with our infinity green screen studio.

Our studio is easy to locate and access, as it is just 5 minutes from Sheffield City Centre. Fully built with a green screen and featuring an infinity green screen, there’s nothing we can’t achieve with our facilities. Our equipment is lightweight to ensure minimum disruption, and plentiful to create the best video content. After the filming process is complete, it’s down to us. Editing and piecing the right shots together is where the whole process comes together and you can really start to see the end product taking shape.

Before you sign off the video, we show you our work a number of times, making any changes you wish along the way. We work to tight deadlines and travel around the world to create the perfect video that is right for you and your brand. Past work has included business and product videos for both large corporations and small businesses. We’ve also produced TV adverts, event coverage and instructional videos, as well as many more, so no job is too big or too small.

Captivate your audience and Improve SEO ranking.

Not only is a video useful for increasing your customers or describing a product in a more interesting manner, including a video on your website also helps to improve your SEO ranking. Stale websites don’t rank well on Google, and websites that contain blocks of texts and images, not only rank poorly but also scare customers away.

A video helps to liven up your business or pitch as it showcases personality, this is likely to turn viewers into paying customers. The average person retains only 10% of what they hear, but 50% of what they see, so a video is the best way to showcase your business and ensure your audience are retaining information.

The Fortay Media creative team have an extensive amount of experience in video production, meaning your message and brand guidelines are safe in our hands. No matter what type of video you wish to produce, from a training video, product video or TV advert, we know exactly what your content needs to succeed.

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