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Video Testimonials- 90% More Effective than Written Recommendations



The reputation of a business is an important aspect customers consider when buying a product or using a service. If you are not credible or your product has negative reviews, buyers are more likely to spend their money elsewhere.


It is said that 88% of people trust online reviews. Having a five star online rating should be at the top of every businesses priority list.


The most popular way to review a business is through a written recommendation. Once a project is complete, many businesses ask their clients to write them a recommendation, hoping potential clients will see this and also consider using their services.


However, written recommendations now only go so far in convincing people that you are the right choice for a project. For the wary buyer, a written testimonial can come across as fake and untrustworthy, after all, there’s no proof you didn’t write the piece yourself.


It is said that creating a testimonial as a video rather than text is a more trust worthy approach to take when showcasing your business.


A video adds feeling and authenticity to a review, and having a credible brand talk about how good your business is, is enough to convince others to use your services. A video is also more likely to engage your potential customers instead of having them read a lengthy piece of text.


Testimonials are effective as they build trust. Whether someone is raving about your business as a whole or just one particular service you provide for them, they’re show casing their positive experience, something the audience will be looking for when they make their own purchase.


User reviews are also a great way to ‘sell’ your business without being too ‘in your face’. This is because testimonials are all about a customer telling the experience they’ve already received, rather than a business trying to market a service directly to you.


If your recommendation is saying the right thing, it could be the tipping point for that potential client you’ve been trying to do business with for the past few months.


A good testimonial is filled with many benefits for your business. Going into detail as to why someone is satisfied with your work, instead of just a plain “they are great”, will make your video more effective. Backing up the claims a business made when marketing their product or service is also another great feature to include, and will also help to build brand credibility.


However, it is important to make sure the person in your testimonial is engaging and someone your audience can relate to. If the person talking isn’t interesting, you will lose your viewers and therefore the review itself will be pointless.


Overall, posting a video testimonial is one of the most powerful and engaging marketing tools to use for your business. With videos being faster to consume, a potential customer is more likely to have the time to watch a short video rather than read a lengthy text.

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