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Website Design and Development Trends for 2018

Being up to date with the latest news and web trends is a must to stay ahead in a digitally lead world. With digital becoming the go-to for businesses to build their brands, and a website being the ‘digital hub’ for their markets, it’s important to know cutting-edge trends, before they acquire the ‘trend’ title.


Imagery has been the keeper with design and web design trends for the last few years. Used to make a bigger impact for the user, the new year will see a rise in businesses hiring photographers for professional images and a fall in the use of stock images.

With businesses finally seeing the importance of their online presence, investing their time and money in photography is the first step to creating a digital presence and building their brand identity online. With the ability to frame shots in the way they want it to be portrayed, businesses can now showcase their brand in the corporate, quirky, colourful or grayscale way they like.


Video is taking over. We know, we’ve been saying it for years. But business owners are now finally starting to see the impact video has on their audience and online presence.

Google likes it, Facebook LOVES it and with social media and search engines creating algorithms to favour video content – it’s something businesses can’t afford to miss out on.

Having any old video feature on the Home page of your website is no longer enough for both your user and search engine. A video should capture your user, whether it’s on TV, Social Feed or Website. The longer users spend on your website (to watch a video let’s say) the more Google are likely to see your site as a popular platform.


Combining photos and videos together, the latest trend sweeping design and web design is cinemagraphs. In between a static image and a video, cinemagraphs are still photographs featuring a minor and repeated movement forming a video clip.

As the Wall Street Journal wrote: “In an attempt to cut through the noise, marketers are increasingly experimenting with new visual tricks”

Developers are using visuals and turning to cinemagraphs to draw attention to critical points on a web page. With Netflix adopting the new visual in their email marketing and Bates Motel in their social media, big brands are already adopting the technique and in 2018 we’re likely to see cinemagraphs take over the internet and especially website design.

Simple UI and UX

The new year will see an increase in the power of a simple website. Optimized to respond to all devices, a simple, flat design will work better for mobile performance. The number of mobile searches is increasing and therefore a mobile-first design is becoming a necessity.

Appealing to not just the user, but to search engines for their quicker load time and SEO value. Focusing on the important parts of your website and minimising the unnecessary clutter will bring a refreshing change for the new year.

Internet of Things – IoT

Technology that connects devices to the internet has wasted no time spreading across the world. From Apps that help you to track down your lost keys to the Amazon Echo to the Fitbit, there are hundreds of products on the market that users can control to make their lives more connected.

In 2018, we’ll see designers and developers incorporating IoT into their websites. A smarter website means a more complex backend, however APIs will allow developers to connect and communicate with IoT technology, leading to even more interconnectivity of the next several years.


Apps account for 89% of mobile time. Web developers are starting to take notice of the popularity and ease of using an app. Merging website and app behaviours together will begin the rise of animated page transitions, push notifications and splash screens.

Some websites are already utilizing this – take a look at our B&R Chamber Case Study, where we created a one-touch connection for users to interact with the chamber.


Whilst it may not be a website trend, the social media platform is becoming as equally as valuable as a website.

With Facebook fighting to become the destination for businesses, offering a blog platform, reviews, live chats and live streaming, you can connect with your audiences in a way you never used to.

Customers may discover your Facebook and brand personality before they visit your website. The fact is, Facebook is becoming equally as valuable as a website – and it would be a mistake to ignore.

How are you future-proofing your website and digital marketing strategy?

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