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The world of web design is always changing and evolving and an out of date website can send any customer running towards your competition. At Fortay Media we work with you to design and develop a unique and responsive website that is also up-to date. Keeping the audience in mind, we’ll develop a website that provides the right customer experience.

Our process begins with getting to know your business. Understanding the visions you have for your business as well as identifying your current and potential customers. Putting a focus on your customers and the user experience is an important and, often overlooked, part of the process. Designing a website not only has to match your brand identity, but should also focus on the most important people to your business – your customers. Creating a compelling and engaging website, that leaves the right first impression, should urge users to interact with your site.

The design of your website will determine whether or not the visitor will stay and engage.

Based on our knowledge and research into your business we then go on to create your design, focusing on your brand identity, user experience and considering conversions. You will be involved in the design process and any requests and ideas will be considered and included in the design. Any changes you wish to make before build will also be made to ensure the look of your website is exactly what you and your business needs to improve your online presence. Whether we are updating an old website or starting completely from scratch, we ensure both your brand and your audience are kept in mind every step of the way.

A good website is not measured by just looks, creating responsive web design is key to keeping your audience engaged and revisiting your website. We appreciate not everyone accesses the internet using a desktop and your audience is always on the move, therefore, we ensure your website is accessible and responsive on all devices including mobile, tablet and desktop. As well as making sure the design still looks good on all devices. As portable devices are only growing in popularity, it is increasingly important that your website is able to travel with its visitors.

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A well put together website is search engine friendly and helps to improve your SEO ranking.

Our in-house web development team code together your website to ensure it is efficient, accessible and an enjoyable visitor experience. Our development team work with you to create perfect content manageable websites to suit your exact requirements. We have a distinct SEO and PPC team as well as a web team, to ensure your website and its design is well ranking. As well as ensuring your marketing strategy and reach are not limited in any way. Whether you require a microsite, a blog or an e-commerce site, you can expect it to be search engine optimized no matter what.

Before we launch and sign off the website, we put it through vigorous testing to ensure it works on all devices and all browsers. By testing the website as a user, we can ensure your customers are getting the best possible experience and everything works to perfection. This helps to give, both our web team and you, the confidence in knowing the website will run smoothly once live. All websites created by the Fortay media web team are fast, user friendly, responsive, accessible and search engine optimized. Our past work has included working with a range of different industries to create their own unique website. As well as having a top marketing and sales team, we know exactly what users are looking for when they access a website of a certain sector. We adapt this knowledge to all of the brands and businesses we work with. No two websites we create are the same and we aim to create websites that help your business stand out from the crowd and turn visitors and browsers into paying customers.

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