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What is Motion Graphics and why do you need it for your company?

We all keep saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth millions of words.

What about layering video, music, pictures AND words together?

Yes, that will produce a killer piece of content to enhance your marketing efforts.


Motion graphics videos allow you to tell amazing stories that your audience can connect with. The more you captivate people with your content, the more they trust your company and your products or services.

Why should you choose Motion Graphics?

This video style combines educational content with colourful graphics. Animated motion graphics are versatile and can blend with any other video style.

Make your message more unique and enjoyable, and your videos stand out!

Communicate complex ideas with simplicity
Motion graphics are perfect for when you have to communicate complex processes or a lot of information to your audience. This type of content doesn’t need to be hard to digest. 

Use motion graphics animations and kinetic typography to turn this information into an engaging and memorable piece of content.

The magic of cool motion graphics animation is that it showcases even the most comprehensive ideas in an engaging and attractive manner.

Save Money
Motion graphics videos are cost and time-effective. Not only that, but animated content drives 300% more traffic generating more leads.

These videos see a lot of engagement, which provides the companies using them with a really good ROI.

Raise brand recognition
Your audience will understand your message and get easily captivated by it.

People retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video as opposed to when reading it in text.  What are you waiting for? The investment will be completely worth it.

Shareable across Social Media Networks
These eye-catching, breathtaking pieces of content will definitely make noise on social media.

Did you know that people share social video 1200% more than simple text and static pictures combined?

Motion graphic is essentially moving graphic design, often with text as a key component and it can be used to produce very different pieces of content.

Here are some examples that might help you decide which type of motion graphics videos are the perfect fit for your company and type of content:

Explainer Video
Motion graphics are perfect for an explainer video, as they can help the viewer understand quite complex products and processes in a short, quick and engaging video.

Video produced by Fortay Media

This explainer video of ISOCLEAN does a great job visualising what could potentially be a dry topic.

Product Video
Product videos can be a great way to explain your product or service to your customers.

Video produced by Fortay Media

This video is the perfect example of how a product, feature-focused video can be engaging and eye-catching.

Showcase your product to your customers through motion graphics, creating fun and entertaining videos that are cheaper to produce than a full animation.

Educational Video

PROACT – Unlock the Power of Data from Proact IT on Vimeo.

Video produced by Fortay Media

This is a great example of making creating an engaging Educational Video.

Tell a Story
Use motion graphics to produce a compelling video that tells your story, your process or both. These videos allow you to communicate brand messages and build a connection with your audience in a memorable way. Not only that, but you can add a design and style that would showcase and reinforce your brand’s personality.

In this video, we used motion graphics to tell the process we take when producing a video but also titles, colours and elements that perfectly identifies our brand guidelines.

Types of Motion Graphics videos:

Motion graphics come in different shapes and sizes. All of them are really effective when engaging  with the audience. However, there is a time and a place for everything.

Not all of them are suitable or the best to present all types of content.

Here are some of the most popular ones that have been used over and over again:

Mixed media motion graphics videos

HBO’s True Detective – Main Title Sequence from Patrick Clair on Vimeo.

These videos are the perfect blend of live-action footage and animation. The latter could be used to accompany live-action footage or as the main element of the video.

The main title sequence for HBO’s True Detective is a great example of impactful and relevant visuals mixed with moderate typography. The final product reflects perfectly the personality of the characters and the story behind them.

Infographic Videos
We’ve already mentioned that motion graphics videos are a perfect way of explaining complex concepts engagingly. Infographic videos reinforce that concept providing a perfect way of educating your audience in a simple, entertaining way.

You would normally find a lot of companies using these videos to explain concepts. That said, they aren’t the only ones using these videos to communicate with their audience.

You can use motion graphics to inject a bit of life and levity into a presentation or video in a variety of contexts.

Making an infographic video? Give those statistics a bit of life by adding some motion graphics.

Cartoon motion graphics videos
People relate to people. Even if they are cartoon graphics.

Many companies find it increasingly difficult to build a connection with their audience on an emotional level. But this is vital to driving conversions.

By telling your story the right way, those connections will build themselves.

People can relate to a character’s pain points and it’s easier for companies to showcase how they will help them solve their problems.

Identity + Virgin Media from HeartShaped on Vimeo.

That creates an emotional connection that can in turn recall value of your company.

Look at this animation made by Virgin Media. It’s simple and short but extremely eye-catching, and people will be able to relate to the characters showcased in it.

3D Motion Graphic videos
We live in a three-dimensional world, so 3D videos are bound to be relatable and highly engaging.

3D motion graphics videos are not the cheapest ones… we know. But if you get one produced you will never look back!

Video produced by Fortay Media
Have a look at this Pyronix video. It’s not only visually engaging, but it’s relatable and compelling and it explains the product in a simple, clean way.

Final Tips

Think outside the box
We give you examples so you get inspired but don’t try to copy the style or tone of voice of any of these videos.

They work for the company they were made for!

Use motion graphics to explain difficult concepts
Some subjects are too difficult to explain with live video. Is there something about your company or product that requires a lengthy text to explain? Motion graphics will be your best friend!

Use the graphics that best represent your brand’s guidelines and personality
This video is a great opportunity for brand awareness, so don’t miss out on your chance to showcase your colours, logo, style and ethos.

Hopefully, this list of videos left you wondering which motion graphics video could be the best for your company and message. If that’s the case, don’t worry, we are here to help!

Share your company message through engaging Motion Graphics!
Visit our Video Production page for more information on how we can develop your marketing presence and when you’re ready, get in touch! 

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