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Why Behind the Scenes videos are powerful

We all know how important it is to engage with your targeted audience. But do you know HOW to connect with them?

Behind the Scenes videos!

One of the things we frequently highlight is how good video is to bring value to your business. Brand value is the difference between a faceless corporation that people forget about in two minutes, or a personable company that people return to time and time again.

With 85% of businesses using video as a marketing tool, you have to try harder to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Have you ever watched a video and thought, I’d love to know what is going on behind the camera lens? Giving your audience a look behind the scenes helps to add a personal touch to your business.

What is a “Behind the scenes” (BTS) video?
A BTS video helps you to show the ‘real side’ of a company, service, or product. Originally a video utilised by the entertainment industry, viewers wanted to see how their favourite movie/ tv show was created. In some cases, the Behind the Scenes videos ended up longer and more successful than the original piece.With regard to business, BTS videos offer a sneak peek of the magic behind the company by presenting their story and the people that are part of it. These videos also help brands to build trust and create a deeper connection with their potential clients and customers.Why are they an effective tool for your business?
Value-driven content inspires trust and develops a deep connection with your potential consumers.
Behind the Scenes Videos


Why you should utilise behind the scenes content:

  • It allows the audience to have a deeper understanding of the work involved in your company. This adds value as the client experiences a human connection and learns more from the overall product or service. It also helps to build trust and loyalty
  • It feels human, down to earth, and close
  • Brand Personality. People love to learn about the “story behind the story” as it offers them an insight into the company and the team behind it
  • Adds value to your product or service, as it showcases the inspiration behind your project. It allows your consumers to be part of the making of something
  • Consumers like to buy from and connect with people, not brands
  • It shows your business in a different, more relaxed environment.Helping to turn a corporate business into one that is approachable, appealing, and friendly
  • Behind the Scenes (BTS) content is easy to produce, especially if you are already creating videos for your company
  • These videos are also great for social media as they are normally shorter, entertaining, and more informal
  • BTS can be an excellent tool to show the quality of your product in a closer, trustworthy way
  • Let’s face it. It’s fun!

What should you include in a BTS video?

This question doesn’t have a fixed answer. It depends on many factors including the type of company or product or the type of platform you are going to use to distribute it.

For example, the content and the length of the video will depend on whether you are planning on sharing it on LinkedIn or Facebook.

These tips could help you achieve the best results for your BTS video

Showcase your team
Consumers will be happy to know how well your team works together and how much they love working for your company. This is a great way to show the personality of your brand, as it reveals the faces behind the product or service they are or might be purchasing.

You could even include interviews with key people involved in the project where they explain the process behind the product or service.

Highlight your accomplishments
Do you have a new office? Have you won an award? Are you in the middle of a really exciting project?

Show it! Share progress and success.

Your audience will enjoy watching process and achievements. It helps to demonstrate how healthy your company is and that you like investing in your team. If you are succeeding, you must be doing something right. That’s the idea!


This will also have a great impact on your team, as they will feel their hard work is being valued and showcased.

Introducing your customers to your latest creation will make them feel important and inclusive. You can also take it one step further and ask your audience about their thoughts. Giving them the opportunity to contribute will also make them feel part of the finished result.

Make it fun and personal
People usually watch this type of content in their free time. Give them something interesting to watch and keep them engaged with your content. Posting only corporate-related videos is boring and repetitive. Make your audience laugh!
This content is also more likely to be shared than others, as people would more easily engage with it.

So, go ahead: show your culture, values, and personality.


Types of Behind the Scenes videos

A BTS promotional video is a great opportunity to showcase a new product or service more realistically.

Day by Day  
Make consumers feel like they are connecting with people, not a brand. Reveal what’s behind the corporate side of your company and show what the team normally does on a day-to-day basis.
What are the names of the people working in your company? What’s their story? What are the benefits of working in that particular corporation?

A happy team also leads to happy consumers.

Case Studies
How many times have you watched a product review to help you decide whether to buy a product? Give your happy customers a voice!
Here are some examples:


Company Culture Videos
Company Culture Videos give real insight to candidates actively considering you as an employer. These videos help you highlight your brand’s culture and personality for prospects, customers, and potential employees. They are an amazing tool to tell the story of your brand, so people get excited to do business with you.


BTS videos can also help you find the perfect employee

Adobe, the well-known software company, knows that. That’s why they decided to share a view of what’s like to work at Adobe in their Adobe Life platform. In this platform, they outline the advantages of working for the company while giving their team the chance to be the ones with a voice.

This way, BTS content can also be a powerful recruiting tool.

Will these videos make any difference?

Let’s have a look at these stats from Renderforest’s Video Marketing Statistics 2018 Report:

• 85% of people say videos help them to connect with brands more effectively

• 70% of businesses say that videos boost brand awareness

• Users spend up to 88% more time on websites with videos

• 75% of people are more likely to follow a brand’s social media page if it has video content

• 37% of people find entertaining videos to be the most effective

Now that you have the facts, what are you waiting for?
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