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With a 3D animation, you can seamlessly show off your product and its features in unique ways

Yes, we already know that video content is king, and most people prefer watching a video rather than reading a block of text.

But not only that… 3D animation works while you sleep! What could beat an around-the-clock product sale? Video allows you to sell your product 24 hours a day, all year round. How great is that?

If video is not yet part of your marketing strategy, you are walking up a blind alley. As the attention span is decreasing significantly, it becomes increasingly important for brands to convey their message using video content.

Additionally, videos also increase brand recognition, as they allow you to introduce identifying elements such as a logo, brand colours or typography. 

Video is becoming increasingly important. Yes, even more!

Did you know that 78% of people watch videos at least once a week and 55% of them watch it every day?

That means half of the population is watching videos daily, and they will probably do it more than once. What’s more, social media channels not only allow audiences to access the video content but also to share it throughout different channels.

Around 700 YouTube videos are being shared on Twitter every minute!

Animation is a great way to tell captivating stories and catch the attention of your customers by creating an emotional connection with them.

81% of marketers are using videos in their marketing strategy, what does that tell you?

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What are the benefits of 3D Animated videos?

Animation has many privileged characteristics that no other marketing method can match. 3D animation has so many varieties and usages that it has something for every industry.

Instant profit
34% of clothing buyers are more likely to purchase after viewing online video ads, compared to 16% after watching TV ads. Why is that?

Think about the way we watch video online, in both computer and mobile devices. There are links and ads everywhere! If someone is already watching your video, you can guide them to the purchase stage by providing them with links, buttons and CTA (Call-to-action).

Know what your customers think of your product
Everyone has the chance to express their opinions online, and video will also allow this to happen. Customers give their instant feedback on your company and products through social channels, giving them the freedom to honestly expressing their opinion.

Know your audience
In order to plan and deliver an effective marketing campaign, you need to know your audience. Through comments in your videos, shares and likes and dislikes, you can also know your target consumers and their needs.

Easy to update
The main advantage of this type of videos is that they are really easy to keep up to date. If you need to add new information to it, you can easily edit and update it, making it an effective way to promote. This content will be permanently displayed on your landing page or social media, making it a perfect investment in the long term.

Amazing visual effects
Without a doubt, no other visual medium can match the strength of 3D animation when it comes to delivering a great portrait of a product. It engages audiences with super realistic effects and increases your business reputation to a great extent, as it gives audiences a premium feel about your brand.

Makes easier understanding your service or product
With a 3D short video, it becomes easier to learn about your company or product, as it allows you to explain in a more engaging, visually attractive way. This can greatly assist in sales and training applications.

Why are video tutorials so popular? Because it’s easier to watch an hour-long video than reading 40 pages of heavy, boring text.

The same happens to your company.

Whether you are trying to increase your online presence or to sell a product, the result will always be better if you choose video.

Potential customers are four times more likely to view an animation or photos about a product than they are to read an article about it.

The use of dynamic visualisations in motion graphic presentations can be very helpful to illustrate a concept. They have proven to be an extremely effective way of teaching as it increases memory retention and comprehension.

Motion is a great and short way to communicate complex ideas and scenarios.

Guess what? They are cheaper than live-action videos

Yes, 3D animation videos are great!

No outdoor shootings, actor wages or expensive shooting setups. This makes 3D action videos the best return on investment.

What’s more, certain videos require travelling costs or expensive gear associated with harsh conditions (mining operation), as well as all the planning.

Could you imagine making this video as a real-life one?

But hold on there, there is more:

  • According to a recent study, companies that used 3D animations to promote their products and services we are able to raise their sales by 40%
  • 81% of people highlight 3D video animations on the brand website
  • 93% of today’s advertisers use 3D product animation videos for their online marketing and communication


Why should you have a 3D animation video for your company?

Video content is easy to reach
These types of videos are really easy to reach, as they can quickly appear in all search results. When consumers are already thinking about buying a product, and therefore are in the consideration stage of the marketing funnel, they will be more likely to watch a longer video about the product they are thinking of buying.

Easier to explain certain products, services or processes
A software, a program, a chemical reaction… that cannot be seen with the human eye are easier to explain with 3D animation. They are also handy when live filming is prohibited, dangerous or too costly.

3D animated videos break down complicated ideas into simple scenes. They allow you to explain all sorts of topics as it makes information easy to digest.

3D animation videos can make your product more attractive
We all know that, by its characteristics, certain products do not photograph well. Some materials can show undesirable finishes due to the reflections created during the photoshoot.

By using certain techniques, animation can make your product more desirable for potential consumers. It can bring your product to life by demonstrating and enhancing its features, without any aesthetic constraints or physical limitations. Designers control lighting and shading techniques that can make your product look more attractive creating a visual appeal.

They are shareable in multiple media platforms
Share ability is limitless. Did you know that 93% of the brands gained new followers because of a video in social media?

With the help of social media, not only you can reach a bigger and more diverse audience but also get closer to your consumers and engage with them at a different level.

This content fits anywhere in your sales funnel
Whether you use your video to attract new customers or to retain and entertain your existing ones, 3D animation videos can help you!

Video helps rank higher on Google
Video will make up to 80% of all traffic by 2022, and it will more than likely be used as an independent content marketing tool due to its power of engagement. This means that video will become (or has already become) a top SEO trend that boosts website traffic.

Types of 3D animation

Regardless of the various techniques, the focus of 3D animation remains the same: to create a realistic world for the audience.

3D video and film
3D video and film is the most common among the types of 3D animation. This type uses motion graphics to move the subjects around a 3D space and is purely visual, which mean there is no interaction required

Interactive 3D
This is created using a 3D computer software, and it involves the audience’s interaction. This allows user to be in first- or third-person points of view and move in the 3D world through a computer screen, with mouse and keyboards as external controls.

Virtual reality 3D
This 3D animation type is similar to interactive 3D in the sense that entire worlds are created for viewers to explore. These videos are designed to provide an immersive experience.  To explore virtual reality, viewers have to use VR headsets (Google Glass).

Animated video is an engaging medium that has the power to create a high impact on your target audience.

It can help you capture the attention of your audience, keep them engaged and make a lasting impression!

We are here to help! From logo animation videos, product demonstrations and full-scale architectural 3D visualisation, let us take your animation to the next level. Our team of animators can produce motion graphics that are informative and effective.

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